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  In November 10, 2004 China motorcycle through a comprehensive national motorcycle production access audit, and launched a national prestige domestic power eight special engine revolution, the eight characteristics of special engine power.

The mute:
1、Double metal cylinder head, cylinder head and noise reduction;
2、Cylinder head cover made of magnesium alloy cylinder head (worse than similar engine weight about 1kg), and the multipoint lubrication and super wear resistant effect, reduce the cylinder head noise;
3、The timing driving gear and the driving gear assembly assembly, ensures that the engine sound clear pure.
Dynamic balance: to periodically check the dynamic balance of crankshaft, and control of the mold, the taper using high-frequency quenching, ensure the strength。
Parts and components supporting enterprise selection of high-quality enterprises, 80% enterprises with japan.
Exterior paint, using German technology automation baking line of exterior paint, paint adhesion, never falling, never change, super heat resistance.
Online examination leakage, using the Japanese dry leak detector, effective control of engine sealing, to ensure the reliability of.
Oil seal, oil seal by Japan, reliable performance, no oil leakage.
The power aspect, through two times of ascension, the power was increased to 8.0kw/8500rpn.
Two times quenching: main and auxiliary gear adopts two times quenching, microstructure refinement, improve gear strength.


Bold type variable resistance double spring rear shock absorber, regardless of the road, ride comfort, on.
LG-ABS plastic parts: high impact resistance, high gloss, heat-resistant flame-retardant and antistatic.
Hidden storage box: integrated design body, enhance private storage space security.
Safety protection bar: thick material, stainless steel, anti impact ability greatly enhanced, to ensure your safety.
Solidification paint: ensure that your car will never fade, bright as new.
Intelligent cruise control system: high speed speed glide, ensure safety.
The preferred frame material: high quality carbon steel structure material, hard, tough, yield strength.
Microcomputer intelligent inspection system: four fault detection, the first time for you to report the condition.
The remote control motor digital lock: installation of intelligent anti-theft system, stopping and retreating positioning technology.
High efficiency speed regulating system: make your car running without damage under different road conditions.
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